Subtle yet beautiful

The Viceroy made its debut at Decorex 2023 and immediately won praise for its stunning lines, with many observers commenting that it looked too beautiful to play on!

This design works extremely well in a wide variety of settings, from traditional rooms to minimalist, contemporary spaces. Usually made in walnut with brushed brass detailing, it’s another effortlessly elegant piece. 

The long sides feature a recessed brass panel that runs the length of the table and it’s a subtle yet beautiful design detail. Custom made brass cups enclose the table’s feet, finishing off the gently tapering raked legs. The laser cut brass net keeps the understated Art Deco theme going, as do the beautifully detailed finials on top of the net posts.

A soft-close accessory drawer for the bats and balls comes as standard, whilst the drawer at the other end can accommodate the detachable net posts.

Incredibly resilient

Although stunning to look at, the Viceroy is also extremely resilient, thanks to the very tough PU surface lacquer, which is applied in several stages.

This ensures that the playing surface won’t get scratched in normal use, and also protects against knocks and spillages when the table is being used for dining or other purposes.

The compass inlay on this table, created to demonstrate the intricacy of the designs that can be achieved, is so perfectly executed that one cannot discern the merest hint of a join where the brass meets the American walnut playing surface. As a result, there are no unexpected bounces and the table is a joy to play on.

Timeless elegance

The sheet brass laser cut net on this exhibition piece really sets the table off and gives it a feeling of timeless elegance. If you want to use the Viceroy as a regular table, simply pull out the L-shaped net posts and store them in the custom-shaped soft close drawer at the end of the table with the bats.

The net itself simply slides into a long walnut box which is hidden below the table at the other end.

If preferred, the brass net can be replaced with a stitched leather or suede alternative, whilst purists might want to insist on a standard net, which is also easy to incorporate in the overall design.

The drawer can accommodate up to 4 bats and 3 balls, along with the aforementioned net posts.

The piece can also be made as a combination table for pool and ping-pong, in which case there would be a second drawer at the other end for the pool accessories.

Customise your table

As with all Carlson Brand pieces, it can be made to almost any size and customised in a multitude of different ways. Every table we create is effectively a one-off, lovingly hand-crafted over the course of several months by our dedicated team.

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