How We Work

It begins with an idea, and a commitment to produce something truly remarkable

Sometimes the starting point will be a photo the client has seen and sometimes they’ve simply fallen in love with one of Carlson Brand’s existing designs and would like advice on how to make the piece uniquely theirs.

Whether working directly with an individual or through an appointed Interior Designer, Carlson Brand’s process usually begins with an obligation-free consultation and ideally some visual references indicating the overall setting for the piece. The latter is particularly important if we are going to be matching materials to pre-existing fittings or joinery.

Committed to the process

Deciding upon the design and finishes is something that can take days or weeks depending on the circumstances, but we remain committed to the process no matter how long it takes, providing as much creative input as the client needs.

An estimate will be provided based on the outline brief and a deposit requested prior to the initial development work. Design renders will follow and, if appropriate, physical samples of the various materials provided for approval. After further discussion and refinement, we progress to the final design renders and once these are signed off, we request a further payment prior to commencing production. 

Lead times

Lead times vary depending on the workshop schedule and the complexity of the piece, but a reasonable allowance to make would be around 3 months from the initial meeting through to completion.

Carlson Brand has an international clientele and we quote shipping costs together with the anticipated transit time separately. If a specialist installer is needed on site,  which is more usually required for pool tables than table tennis tables, then this can be arranged for a separate fee which might include overnight accommodation. 


Because each piece is unique and hand built to order, unfortunately we are not in a position to supply a reliable pricing guide here on the website. It depends very much on the development process, the build time, and of course the materials specified. 

After an initial consultation, which is free of charge and entirely without obligation on the client’s part, we would be pleased to provide an overall estimate of the costs associated with a specific project.

Multi-use tables

All our principal models can be made as a pool table or a table tennis table, and some can even combine the two games in one piece. This generally involves an element of compromise in one or both games so please contact us for a detailed explanation of the technicalities.

Similarly, concepts and designs which are instigated by a client rather than our own studio can often be created for dual purpose use, and once underway we are able to illustrate the various options as part of the CAD process.

Many of our established models can double as desks or dining tables with little or no additional modifications. It should be noted, however, that pool tables require separate removable tops and these are generally made in two or three sections, depending on the outer size.