Fully Bespoke

Creating stunning details

The advantage of a multi-disciplinary workshop is that very few things are beyond the team’s capabilities. If someone presents us with a  challenge then provided the basic design is structurally stable, we’ll almost certainly find a way to make it work. 

Such pieces might take any form, however extreme, and may even feature unusual materials like leather, glass, or carbon fibre. The workshop incorporates a highly skilled upholstery department, which allows us to create stunning details like stitched leather table tennis nets without the need to outsource such work. Similarly, built in lighting can be incorporated in most pieces as long as the table has a convenient local power source.

Fully bespoke service

It’s in the nature of the fully bespoke service that most tables take rather longer than the established offerings and typically come in at higher price points, not least because so much more design and development work is required. It’s not always easy but we do our best to provide a tentative guide price in advance so that everyone involved knows where they stand. 

Case Studies

Strada Table

This piece was conceived for an avid collector of classic cars, and draws heavily on automotive styling details for its inspiration. Enthusiasts might note the Ferrari Bernilletta Boxer gear knob and gearstick. Also under consideration at one stage were sycamore marquetry inlays featuring the outlines of famous Italian motor racing circuits but these were eventually rejected in favour of a cleaner look.

LED downlighting, recessed in the underside of the top frame, creates a soft ambient glow and the table, which was designed for occasional use as a desk, incorporates concealed storage for the net assembly, accessories, and paperwork. Solid brass inlays add a luxurious touch and give the Strada an undeniably classic feel.

Mantis Table

This ground-breaking design is unlike anything else we’ve created to date, and was the result of a seemingly contradictory brief. The landmark building for which it was conceived has a wealth of period detail but instead of picking up on these styling cues, it was felt that this table should contrast with the classical, tiled interior as much as possible. 

The arresting design has elicited a huge amount of interest from everyone who’s seen it. A stainless steel subframe provides structural rigidity to a piece which takes its inspiration from the posture of a praying mantis when it’s poised to strike.

Seymour Table

The Seymour was conceived for a small boutique hotel group in the Balearic Islands, and was designed with the expectation that it would see occasional use as a dining table in one of the property’s private rooms. (the laser cut steel net assembly can be removed and stored within the table) 

Walnut veneers are complemented by sycamore inlays for the boundary lines and logos, and the Seymour has an understated elegance which effortlessly transcends its relatively conventional design.