About us

Welcome to Carlson Brand

In a world where aesthetic considerations are so often sacrificed to the economic demands of large scale production, Carlson Brand is a small but highly innovative company with a completely different approach to luxury game design. 

Working with a highly skilled team of specialists, Carlson Brand is taking precision engineered play to new levels with a small range of breathtakingly beautiful designs, whilst also offering a fully bespoke service where the only limits are those of the client’s imagination. 

Our Ethos

Our design ethos dictates that something as large as a table tennis or pool table should not only complement its surroundings, but also be a thing of beauty in its own right. Hand built over several months, these are true ‘legacy pieces’ and are crafted with such strength and integrity that the client can confidently expect to pass them down to future generations.

Employing only the very finest materials and typically featuring exquisitely detailed marquetry inlays, these unique tables showcase an outstanding range of talents. The workshop’s 25 year history has included many prestigious projects beyond the realm of games, including bespoke cabinetry and furniture for some of the world’s most revered institutions such as the British Museum, Eton College, and the Shakespeare Library in Washington. 

The UK has a long standing and well deserved reputation for high end bespoke joinery, and it’s this outstanding heritage that continues to attract commissions from the around the world, including Asia and the USA.  Even as workshop machinery gets faster and CAD design becomes increasingly sophisticated, demand for the traditional skills of this country’s elite artisans and craftspeople remains as strong as ever.

Whether working with Interior Designers or private individuals, we have the utmost respect for client privacy and confidentiality, and it’s for this reason that we decided to eschew the usual Social Media platforms in favour of a more discreet approach. 

To ensure that every detail of every piece we make is perfectly realised, we only undertake a few projects each year, and by focusing on each one in turn we can guarantee that our clients receive the time and attention they deserve.

Carlson Brand Managing Director, Malcolm Sanders, has been working in the luxury games business for the last 12 years following a long career in art and design, and is driven by a desire to create extraordinary pieces that combine unparalleled technical standards with daring aesthetics. Working hand in hand with the company’s clients from initial consultation though to development and installation, Malcolm believes that every table made by Carlson Brand, whether highly traditional or ultra modern in style, should be the kind of centrepiece that stops you in your tracks when you enter the room.

Time and Expertise

In a world now dominated by speed, efficiency, and economy, let’s be grateful that there are still a cherished few amongst us with the time and expertise to create work that makes the heart sing

Malcolm Sanders – Managing Director