Powerfully built

Our Metropolis table is another piece which draws heavily on the Art Deco movement for its inspiration. The sweeping, steel reinforced base section creates a striking support for the table top, which can be configured for pool, table tennis, or a combination of the two games. 

The Metropolis features exquisite detailing and incorporates the usual soft-close drawers at each end for accessory storage. Like the Cera, this is a powerfully built and really commanding piece that works best in a spacious and dramatic room or club. The playing surface can be branded in a multitude of ways if desired, whether that involves the custom printing of the pool table baize or a bespoke inlay for the table tennis top. 

The table tennis net and net posts can be removed and stored in seconds, allowing the Heritage to be used as a conventional table or desk at other times.

Customise your table

As with all Carlson Brand pieces, it can be made to almost any size and customised in a multitude of different ways. Every table we create is effectively a one-off, lovingly hand-crafted over the course of several months by our dedicated team.

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