Exceptionally refined

With its brass inlays and leather panelling, the Gazelle is an exceptionally refined and elegant piece. Whether commissioned as a pool or table tennis table, it has a shallow apron which lends the table a sleek, ultra-slim profile. The inlays on the top surface can be designed and manufactured to order, making it possible to feature personal monograms, motifs, company logos, or simply an abstract pattern.

The reverse-raked leg sections provide easy access to the playing surface for those trickier shots and the table can incorporate concealed accessory storage if required. It can also double as an extremely handsome desk, especially when manufactured in a dark wood like Wenge. Although shown here with brass detailing, this can easily be substituted for polished steel, carbon fibre, or a contrasting timber like sycamore. 

Customise your table

As with all Carlson Brand pieces, it can be made to almost any size and customised in a multitude of different ways. Every table we create is effectively a one-off, lovingly hand-crafted over the course of several months by our dedicated team.

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